Abolition of Cheques

The banks would like to abolish the outdated paper cheque. How might we replace it with something more suitable for the digital age?

Copyright in a name

It is well-established that there is no copyright in a name. But the need to ensure that computer software has copyright protection has forced changes on copyright law: has the old rule about names been changed as a result? Does it matter if it has?

Identity and its Verification

Are you really who you say you are?  Does this question really mean anything useful?  Is an identity card the answer to it?

Who Carries the Risk of Fraud?

If a crook deceives your bank into paying him money under the mistaken impression that it is dealing with you, who stands the loss?

The Lawfulness of Deep Packet Inspection

Was it wise for the Home Office to give comfort to Phorm over its plans to profile Internet users for targeted advertising by analysing the content of their web browsing?

Watch What You Sign!

It's easy to know what you're signing with a pen.  Is it the same with electronic signatures on electronic documents?

Letters to the Editor

Sometimes one just has to tell the world what one thinks.

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