To help place those who are mentioned in these pages, or will be, I begin with some links to useful genealogies. The Bohms can be found here: the link points to the entry for my grandfather Dr Max Böhm, who married Adele Wolf. The Wolfs can be found in extensive detail here and here, and in a rather simpler layout here. My mother was born a Bauer, and her mother was born a Winter. They can be found here.

The entries which follow show the dates when they were made, with the most recent at the top.

19th July 2010

Now we have a mystery item. Who was the Third Man?

8th July 2010

These notes are not only about the departed. Here is our English setter Danäe enjoying the present summer on the lawn at Salkyns. And here am I and my cousin Walter Erston enjoying the summer on the beach at Walberswick in August 1946. In the background there can be seen the remains of wartime defences against invasion.

6th July 2010

The annexation of Austria by Hitler had international as well as domestic repercussions. In Britain's eyes, Austrian citizens became Germans, and Vienna found itself officially in Germany. These phenomena are illustrated in a patent granted to my father in 1939, shown here.

3rd July 2010

Within six months of Dr Max Böhm's 80th birthday in 1937, Hitler annexed Austria. The "special respect and recognition" of his professional circle were of little help in the face of the changes which swept through Austria. His predicament is reflected in the Riggi letters, on which a note is here.

28th June 2010

Dr Max Böhm's 80th birthday in 1937 was noted in an oil industry newsletter, which provides a charming sketch of his professional life. I have provided a facsimile (which includes a photograph), a transcription in German and an English translation.

25th June 2010

My sister Antonia died on 3rd October 2009. A Memorial Gathering was held on 23rd October to celebrate her life, and a record of it can be found here. The Times published an obituary on 8th December, found here

18th June 2010

A scrapbook must start somewhere, and this one begins with some papers sent to me by my cousin Ada Gorni which relate to our Aunt Käthe.

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